legislative process

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The 2012 American Nurses Association's (ANA) House of Delegates (HOD) was also an important lesson for me about the legislative process.
Coming here a second time really helped me see how the legislative process works," Don said.
Another, Indiana, uses a commission as a backup if the normal legislative process fails to produce a plan.
Senate rules actually favor the party in the minority over the majority party and make it far easier to grind the legislative process to a standstill.
The character of the legislative process was a crucial issue in these cases.
The measures are halfway through the legislative process.
The main articles defended the legislative process as inherently superior to the direct democracy that the public is increasingly demanding.
Nowadays, it's impossible to come to a compromise on environmental issues through the regular legislative process," says Kripke.
If we did not participate in the legislative process, we would continue to receive correctional policies and mandates that not only did not work, but in some cases actually were counterproductive to our mission.
In honoring a hold, the party leadership agrees to slow a disputed matter from coming to the floor, but its overriding concerns remain to advance the party's general interests and to prevent the legislative process from grinding to a halt.
The conference focused on several areas, all of which related to the legislative process and individual state concerns.

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