legislative process

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The first major benefit of a more robust understanding of the legislative process and history of our parliamentary institutions is that it will reinforce the appreciation for the principle of parliamentary review which is so critical to a democratic society.
Navigating the legislative process can be overwhelming for an individual to go about alone.
* Describe key steps to effect change in the legislative process.
The program is designed to educate and inspire registered nurses to get involved in the legislative process.
From her I learned the complicated aspects of the legislative process. Speaking to our legislators is not as scary as it sounds.
The PIL alleges that " promulgation of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Re- settlement ( Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 on April 3 by first proroguing the Rajya Sabha on March 28 was a clever device adopted by the government which subverts the legislative process of the Rajya Sabha".
Students from across New Mexico, representing over eleven programs, gathered to network, learn about the legislative process and to champion the profession.
The aim of the conference was to consider the role of the state language within the legislative process, as well as to search resolutions for the most arguable issues of the language.
CLS is a citizen seminar that aims to better educate the public on the Commonwealth's legislative process.
Al Hamli said that the Committee plays a vital role in regulating the issuing and review of legislation in Dubai by adopting a clear procedure, developing the legislative process, improving legislation quality and efficiency, building a legal system that would fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of the emirate, and ensuring that legislative provisions are in compliance with the Constitution, and applicable federal and local legislation.
This Article fills that void and, in doing so, lays out a new "legislative process failure" theory of statutory interpretation that has the potential to move the debate beyond a simple choice between textual and intent-based interpretation.
It comes after a decision by the Stormont assembly members to start the legislative process to ban paying for sex.

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