legislative redress

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Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro told CNBC on Monday that "there's no plans to impose investment restrictions on any countries that are interfering in any way with our country." Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin followed with a statement that the administration would seek legislative redress through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, instead of more direct methods to curtail theft of vital US technology by rival countries (Psst.
The continued success of our Movement will ultimately bring an end to legal abortion in America, by influencing the culture at large to cherish and protect life, and by providing the impetus for legal and legislative redress to the Roe legacy.
Have we become such a threat that legislative redress, as mentioned by Brian Unger (the associate western executive director for the DGA), will be brought in, tantamount to the Helms-Burton Law (U.S.
The legislative history to that provision shows that Congress overturned previous judical precedent and administrative practice (i) to remedy the inconsistent treatment of expenses incurred in petitioning for judicial and legislative redress of grievances; (ii) to eliminate the disincentive of seeking legislative contact, providing factual knowledge to the legislature, or lending the taxpayers expertise to legislative deliberations; (iii) to provide a better reflection of the taxpayer's true net income; and (iv) to eliminate the compliance and enforcement problems associated with identifying and segregating proscribed expenditures.

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