legislative sanction

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How could the government collect data or insist upon biometrics without any legislative sanction? We made the Aadhar law and provided a legal framework for protection of its data," Prasad said.
1, in time for changes that need legislative sanction to be considered in the 2017 session.
Transport and shipping minister, Nitin Gadkari, recently introduced a new National Waterways Bill 2015 in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliament, in an attempt to gain legislative sanction for the initiative.
The government will now move to give legislative sanction to Aadhaar.
The Indian Supreme Court has repeatedly stressed the respect given to the national implementation of international law, and the need to accommodate international law even without express legislative sanction," the paper says.
For cable operators, which claim not to be using blocking tactics, a legislative sanction is of course possible, but the fastest is a sanction by customers, through blogs, forums and online publications.
You can almost hear Pompey's senatorial claque fomenting the fear as a rationale for the legislative sanction of a stronger, more robust executive.
The reason was--and is--affirmative action, which derives its major legislative sanction from the Civil Rights Act.
The later development of community placement alternatives despite the lack of funding, legislative sanction or general public support offers readers an unparalleled look at the innovation process.
How the government could collect data or insist upon biometrics without any legislative sanction? We made Aadhaar law and provided legal framework for protection its data."
He added that the amendments to the Competition Act have already been sent to the Standing Committee of the Parliament and he was hopeful that after seeking views/ suggestions, the amendments to the Competition Act would be given a legislative sanction.
The belated action came after pressure from her group and others, she said.<br />Washington said the party needs to make a clear, strong public statement on sexual harassment and on the need for the legislature to be "more transparent and expedient" in resolving such allegations.<br />The delay in any legislative findings into complaints against Anderson means that, barring an election defeat or his withdrawal from the race, no legislative sanctions would be levied until the General Assembly meets again.