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There is growing concern over the commitment of the Government to health and safety following a leaked letter from Jack Straw attempting to water down the corporate manslaughter legist ion promised for the Queens Speech on the 23rd of November.
We found one corn party that sells bottles of usnic acid capsules "for experimental research use only and not for human consumption" to anyone who claims to be at legist 18 years old.
The Gratian that arises from a reading of the primitive version proves to be an even more skilled legist than we had previously imagined.
Sources said that HSYK's legist members wanted to appoint 2 alternate members to the courts in charge of the Ergenekon case and to remove from office Istanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Turan Colakkadi and Ergenekon prosecutors.
Turkish State Minister Hayati Yazici, one of the legist members of the government, said that Republican People's Party's (CHP) announcing Mustafa Balbay and Mehmet Haberal as candidates and National Movement Party's (MHP) including retired Gen.
On the other hand, a well-trained legist such as Nicholas of Cusa turned to speculative theology after his classic conciliar treatise, The Catholic Concordance.
Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) took a surprising decision yesterday and assigned Zafer Baskurt, the legist expected to lead the case, to Gebze as a judge.
Competition, variation in the market conditions, governmental procedures, legists, and other factors are obvious samples of environmental factors [6].
In its plea, the Forum of Indian Legists, an association of lawyers, said the varsity is going to make lakhs of students "guinea pigs" of the new education system.
Clio at the Bar: A Guide to Historical Method for Legists and Jurists, 83 MINN.
Politicians and legists showed the parliament as the addressee to solve the matter concerning the national will that has been blocked by the judiciary.
Pavia was unusual among Italian universities in that it had more legists than professors of arts and medicine between 1455 and 1456, and carried the second largest professoriate (behind Bologna) in Italy.