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Department of Housing and Urban Development to revise its regulations regarding emotional support animals or take other steps to mitigate potential abuse and ensure that the benefit of a reasonable accommodation applies to only those who legitimately need it.
But Mr Javid insisted: "This is about people legitimately getting hold of tickets in an honest way, and not prohibiting them from trying to sell those tickets at a profit, whatever that profit might be.
A lot of them seem to be seen to be legitimately speeding because they've got their lights on, but often you can see them going over the limit like this and they're not going anywhere.
Compared with the $12 billion awarded to the Top 100 companies, only $319 million represent contracts legitimately awarded to small black-owned businesses.
Given the disorder and chaos which would ensue in the absence of such a governing body, all individuals would legitimately be subject to its authority--even those who do not consent to it.
I suggest that this fundamental goal of the attestation function can only be achieved through the watchful eye of an independent auditor motivated to do things right--and not motivated by a client that is attempting to manipulate outcomes, legitimately or not, for some financial gain.
163(j) legitimately targets the tax-advantaged siphoning of U.
They thus legitimately renew their marriage covenant.
But "sensible doctors" like Campbell and Thornton are not legitimately members of the Hippocratic fraternity; they are of a piece with King Herod and Nazi "doctor" Josef Mengele, the latter of whom was, among many other contemptible things, an abortionist.
Floated over a legitimately pretty, sky blue and white lyrical abstraction is a crude, cartoonish sketch of the titular animal framed in a tilted rectangle, its fearful eyes on Gustonesque stalks.
It can also be asked if one can legitimately derive such democratic ideals from the starting point of Humanist ethics: the use of reason and experience in the service of a compassion born of empathy.
Once a bishop hands over decision-making in the area of same-sex blessings in addition to recognition of orders or communicant status to the local congregation, one may legitimately ask, what is the bishop for and, given the autonomy of the local congregation, does the church need bishops for any purposes other than purely decorative?