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To make lawful, such as when a child is born prior to the parents' marriage and they subsequently wed and thereby confer upon the child the same legal status as those born in lawful wedlock.

That which is lawful, legal, recognized by law, or in accordance with law, such as legitimate children or legitimate authority; real, valid, or genuine.




adj., adv.: 1) legal, proper, real. 2) referring to a child born to parents who are married. A baby born to parents who are not married is illegitimate, but can be made legitimate (legitimatized) by the subsequent marriage of the parents. 3) v. to make proper and/or legal.


authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law.

LEGITIMATE. That which is according to law; as, legitimate children, are lawful children, born in wedlock, in contradistinction to bastards; legitimate authority, or lawful power, in opposition to usurpation.

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In addition, they legitimatize each other in that they mimic the other's location choices.
Mainstream political parties are campaigning against the elections, saying they are only designed to legitimatize the rule of King Gyanendra, who seized power last year.
"They've been trying to get a bishop on board for some time now to legitimatize what they are doing," he said.
Last week, a Hong Kong government source was quoted as saying the refusal is related to Ma's recent comment that China's proposed anti-secession law, which would legitimatize the use of force to reclaim Taiwan, is unnecessary.
The attempt would be not to marginalize theology and psychology as important disciplines for defining the human/divine experience but to root the work of theology and psychology in the lived experience of people so as to legitimatize theology and psychology as viable instruments in the increased understanding we all seek about God, human beings, and the world.
Martin Heidegger (David Strathairn) was the pure thinker, the German theoretical philosopher who admired Hitler (not for his ideas, but simply for having ideas in the first place) and whose membership in the Nazi Party helped to legitimatize it.
She shows how the project of natural history and science--through its systematic mapping, naming, and classification of lands, resources, and people of the world produces Europe's different conceptions of Self in relation to the Other and in turn encode and legitimatize the colonial aspirations of expansion.
The registry would legitimatize living together without marriage.
This had the effect of forcing church authorities to select between two bad choices: they could waive the church's rules or refuse to legitimatize the marriage.
Uhlin also suggests that many structures of ideas were being used to legitimatize the authoritarian regime, such as the concept of an "integralistic state" and the ideology of "development".
When the mainstream media describe such physicians as abortion doctors, reporters and editors reinforce and legitimatize this anti-choice, anti-abortion rhetoric.