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In addition, they legitimatize each other in that they mimic the other's location choices.
As with Rogerian science, conceptual schools of thought in the prenormal phase constantly have to explain and legitimatize the scientific and theoretical foundations of their own approach.
Such predictions of public opinion shape a collective identity, whose creation "can be used to legitimatize the collectivity in terms of the speaker's own vision" (Fried and Cole 2001, 223).
The big players getting into the organic arena absolutely legitimatize it," says Dominick Cingari, chief operating officer of Fresh Harvest Products, the New York-based merchandiser of the Wings of Nature organic line of coffees, snack bars, olive oil and other products.
The researcher aims to name and deconstruct the "truths" or grand narratives that legitimatize power by identifying and disrupting modernist assumptions of knowledge, truth, objectivity, and rationality (41).
The final chapter demonstrates how both Cortes and Gomara--heedful of heated debate of his time over the ethics and regia protestate of the conquest--aptly incorporate Moctezuma's speeches in their writing as a compelling strategy to legitimatize Spanish right over Mexico, whose leader has voluntarily conceded his authority to Charles.
For instance, the transmission model set out to: (i) portray science as fixed and certain, (ii) focus a story on events/publications/media relations, (iii) legitimatize itself in the science itself, and (iv) take its purpose as the transmission of information.
Nevertheless, Atkinson-Grosjean is undoubtedly right that the NCEs helped legitimatize the trend.
The latter addition attempts to legitimatize the IRS's losing position in the context of intangibles cost-sharing arrangements, (32) and may engender further controversy.
Mainstream political parties are campaigning against the elections, saying they are only designed to legitimatize the rule of King Gyanendra, who seized power last year.
They've been trying to get a bishop on board for some time now to legitimatize what they are doing," he said.
Under the Communist Party's united front policy, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement was designed as a mass organization to sever the churches' ties with foreign missionary enterprises and to legitimatize the state's intervention into Chinese church affairs.