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To make lawful, such as when a child is born prior to the parents' marriage and they subsequently wed and thereby confer upon the child the same legal status as those born in lawful wedlock.

That which is lawful, legal, recognized by law, or in accordance with law, such as legitimate children or legitimate authority; real, valid, or genuine.




adj., adv.: 1) legal, proper, real. 2) referring to a child born to parents who are married. A baby born to parents who are not married is illegitimate, but can be made legitimate (legitimatized) by the subsequent marriage of the parents. 3) v. to make proper and/or legal.


authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law.

LEGITIMATE. That which is according to law; as, legitimate children, are lawful children, born in wedlock, in contradistinction to bastards; legitimate authority, or lawful power, in opposition to usurpation.

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For what is "affirmative action' if not the liberal euphemism for the legitimatizing of racial discrimination in favor of "minorities"?
Newly enacted legislation guarantees that physical ailments and mental illnesses now will receive equal insurance coverage, in effect legitimatizing all psychiatric diagnoses.
The conventional functions of governance generally described as legitimatizing, oversight, monitoring, auditing, and general strategic direction are often dominated by stronger management or owner interests.
The government will finance 48.0 trillion won, or 36 percent of the amount required, by adjusting tax breaks, legitimatizing the shadow economy and increasing the capital gains tax.