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Several panel regressions reveal that 'mimetic isomorphism'--the average value of legitimisation in other countries - has the largest coefficient and greatest statistical significance.
[Re: Is Facebook's libra a step towards the legitimisation of crypto?] By creating libra, Facebook is offering people who are unbanked the opportunity and access to financial services for the first time.
The legitimisation and legalisation of occupation are largely denounced by the international community.
Turkey, a U.S.-allied state and an adversary of the Damascus government, also criticised the move, saying it had brought the Middle East to the edge of a new crisis and the legitimisation of the occupation of the Golan Heights could not be allowed.
The junior coalition party, SNS, showed resentment over the committee's decision to condemn legitimisation of the Crimean annexation through visits by Slovak officials.The parliamentary foreign affairs committee wrote a report on August 8, in which it rejects attempts to legitimise the annexation and occupation of the Crimean peninsula through visits carried out by Slovak constitutional officials.
SPORT Wales chair Laura McAllister thinks there is a "legitimisation of really bad behaviour" in football.
There would There would be no need to worry about "the terrible legitimisation of tasteless scripts" and she could be preserved in her early 30s.