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The post Turkey trying to legitimise invasion and occupation, government says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Parliament has become a forum to legitimise corruption," he said, while alleging that the Congress party indulges in corruption and then holds discussion in Parliament to legitimise it as had been done in the 2G scam, Commonwealth Games scam and other scams.
Despite objections from traditionalists, however, the MCC agreed today to legitimise the shot but look further into both the lbw and wide laws, which are both affected by a batsman switching to an opposite stance.
On the other hand, they may also legitimise MoCA's claim that civil affairs constitute social work, and upgrading MoCA cadres may further delay the need for the MoCA to hire professionally trained social work graduates.
What we don't want is for this to legitimise claims that are not valid.
Anyone cultivating state or Turkish Cypriot land without a contract must apply to the interior ministry to legitimise possession by renting the property, through the proper procedures," Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyiallis said after a meeting with Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos
In my opinion, this only legitimises what are highly public acts of vandalism.
Ferrari said: "The decision legitimises dishonest behaviour in Formula One and sets a very serious p recedent.
No unionist worth the name should contemplate let alone accept as a fait accompli anything that legitimises the enemies of democracy and truth.