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Of course, because a treaty of this kind would mean extensive transfer of sovereignty to European intergovernmental institutions, it would need direct popular legitimization through referendums in all member states, including (and especially) Germany.
But the legitimization of power is generally subordinate in the American dream to the fact that the concept of a divine favor upon the nation implies a commitment "to lead in the regeneration of mankind.
The independent daily al-Ikhbariya newspaper said in an article entitled 'The legitimization of dictatorship' by Alaa al-Mousawi that political unanimity has hindered progress in the passage of crucial legislative items.
In between these, 13 other chapters examine issues such as the nature of consciousness, autism, the legitimization of alternative medicine, pharmaceutical testing controversies, the origins of order in the universe, the possibility extra-terrestrial life, the frontiers of quantum computing, and the role of basic science in national security.
Articles will focus on systematic issues such as the necessity of codification, informatics in legislation, the use of scientific research in legislation, vague norms, the relation between language and law, creation and interpretation of law, fictions in legislation, the relation between the legislator and the judge, judicial review, conflicts of the norm, evaluation of legislation, regulation management, and the legitimization of law.
This is welcome confirmation and legitimization that Girls Gone Wild is mainstream America.
If the promises are broken, it can be a blunder, which will reduce the legitimization of SBY's government,'' he added.
Instead, Israel should ask itself where its legitimization is before demanding Hamas to legitimize them.
But Witte de With's cultural-political legitimization, and consequently its funding, are crucially dependent on its shows--the institution's most visible side.
Acknowledging that he "doesn't get" the blogosphere, he asserts: "The depositing of prose in an electronic database cannot compete with the canonization, the legitimization conferred by these old-fashioned print journals.
Those who would [favor] the legitimization of specific rights for cohabiting homosexual persons need to be reminded that the approval or legalization of evil is something far different from the toleration of evil.
As a result, this article argues, the feminization of the retail workforce contributed to the legitimization and gendering of Soviet trade.