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If the democratic world and the observer missions (do) not state at the end of the day that (Sunday's elections) are not free and not fair, we might see the legitimization of a Ukrainian dictatorship, of a Yanukovych dictatorship," (http://www.
CDATA[ As Jeane Kirkpatrick, former US Amabassador to the UN, wrote, the charade of legitimization of "Palestinians" is "staged daily for credulous Western audiences whose sympathies are quicker than their comprehension.
Rodriguez's essays, published as paid ads in the El Paso Times, explained the Church's teaching on homosexuality and urged Catholics to support a local effort to oust E1 Paso politicians who, he said, had supported "public recognition and legitimization of homosexual unions?
Drawing on that successful experience, the eurozone should avoid the EU's original sin of creating a supra-national structure that lacked democratic legitimization.
The fact that the countries funding the bailouts are lacking democratic legitimization is now becoming the greatest impediment to joint crisis management," explains an article from Der Spiegel.
The world nowadays is afflicted by injustice, woes, wars and massacres as a result of the world hegemony and domineering powers claiming that they want to set a new world order,'' he said, describing this new order as a legitimization of chaos and a setback to humanity.
The cancellation of the Debaathification Law means increase of violence and terrorist activities and will be a legitimization for terrorism," he added.
In other words, if this legitimization of Hizbullah's weapons is reached "under duress," this means that the country will be sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode in civil war, Hamadeh said.
Generally, however, the legitimization of power was not the purpose of our Messianic consciousness.
to bring together women of different political beliefs and philosophies who are united in their determination to study, make known and help abolish the causes and the legitimization of war;
The independent daily al-Ikhbariya newspaper said in an article entitled 'The legitimization of dictatorship' by Alaa al-Mousawi that political unanimity has hindered progress in the passage of crucial legislative items.
In between these, 13 other chapters examine issues such as the nature of consciousness, autism, the legitimization of alternative medicine, pharmaceutical testing controversies, the origins of order in the universe, the possibility extra-terrestrial life, the frontiers of quantum computing, and the role of basic science in national security.