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They receive direct, authoritative answers grounded in an overall view of the world that legitimizes these answers.
He appears to be asking Congress to legitimize his illegal acts, making members of Congress accomplices in the act of circumventing the Supreme Court decision on the DAP," Santiago said.
The Home Secretary spoke of asylum-seekers swamping doctor surgeries and schools--this terminology only helps legitimize the far right, the neo-Nazis.
Poised against the history of lynchings in the early part of this century, the great black migration northward, and the social stereotype of the black women's unbridled sexuality (thus justifying her abuse by white men), the efforts of Tanner's examples of early black women performers who tried to legitimize and enhance the role of the black woman on-stage become all the more understandable.
The result, he writes, is that both the opposition and the regime seek to legitimize their existence in relation to the wartime Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN), 1954-62.
Many politicians and institutions have been totally discredited for openly siding with the murderous regime, and lack the moral or political force to pull off new elections or legitimize a "reconciliation" or "coalition" government.
Bonvicini has delved into many aspects of this imagination, particularly the ideological covers that legitimize sexual dynamics and the antithesis between man and woman.
We can expect that the same cultural subversives responsible for this hideous scourge will use it to help legitimize homosexual molestation of teenagers as a positive expression of sexuality.
I argued that since drug use is the number one factor that leads to unsafe sex, as shown in almost every study of gay men's health, it was wrong for groups dedicated to fighting AIDS to sponsor, profit from, and legitimize events centered on the very behaviors that most contribute to infection.
We know the many merits of this institution, but it must be said that the Parliament's resolution seeks to legitimize a moral disorder.
Discoverers get power from their discoveries only through the institutions that legitimize them," writes Mario Biagioli in Galileo Courtier, (30) implicitly posing such provocative questions as what it meant for a discoverer, like Galileo, to "get power," and what it meant to "legitimize" his discoveries.
The author is particularly impressive in her discussion of the efforts of Duke Cosimo dei Medici to legitimize his claim to the ducal throne.