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What we hear from those who are linked with the aggressors- whatever they do to legitimize this aggression- it cannot be legitimized.
And, under Clinton, humanitarian wars were legitimized.
If Lawrence's vision and passion imposed AMAA onto the Boston Marathon, Cloney embraced and legitimized the process.
She carries out this interrogation with operations that become provocative simply because they are not legitimized by the art system's established conventions.
According to this principle abnormal reality is legitimized by its prevalence.
Another pointed to the Crusades, which intensified Muslim-Christian hatred and legitimized the use of force and violence as a means of Christian missionary activity.
White obsession with miscegenation intensified with the rise of social Darwinism as scientists legitimized popular misbeliefs about blood and heredity.
Free-market capitalism was discredited by its failures, replaced with a mixed economy that was legitimized by its successes; then the mixed economy began to work badly, and was replaced by a return to free-market capitalism, which has been legitimized by its successes.
The precept of inferiority legitimized slavery and justified segregation, he contends, and to this day, he writes, "the premise of black inferiority and white superiority remains an essential element of the 'American identity,' mesmerized as we still are by race and color.