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Rule of law, though, has an ideological force unto itself and is both a domestic and international legitimizer of action.
For a good discussion of the UN's and, especially, the secretary-general's potential strength as a diplomatic legitimizer, see Giandommenico Picco, "The UN and the Use of Force," Foreign Affairs 73, no.
Moreover, they see Islam as a powerful weapon for reform because it is the primary legitimizer for social customs and laws in Islamic societies.
Those looking at divination as a social practice discuss such issues as the image of the diviner as an outsider or rebel, divination as a legitimizer of acts of social significance, and as a force that served to advance the authority of religious authorities.
The left-dislocated referent itself may have appeared in the prior talk and, hence, constitute an explicit legitimizer of subsequent talk [.
States are, by their historical formation, a legitimizer of violence.
The question Blake poses is not so much how we are to live like this but rather how Christianity, founded by a pacifist and originally practiced by communities holding all things common, could become the legitimizer and sanctifier of riches, war, and empire.