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Here again, as a woman, she must slide herself behind a male protector or legitimizer.
The multiplicity of state identity means that actors can struggle against particular aspects of state identity while mobilizing others: "While such organizations tried to maintain a distance or separation from certain aspects of state identity--representative of elite interests, legitimizer of the status quo, reproducer of social/sexual inequality--they linked themselves to others--democratic, public funder, policymaking power" (p.
Those who have walked the trail first blazed by the Italian revolutionary have continued to see international institutions in essentially the same light as he did, the League of Nations as legitimizer of the ongoing hegemony.
rather than an association and guarantor of a frozen geography of nation-states, has in fact been the legitimizer and facilitator of adjustments in the world's political geography.
Government's role is as a legitimizer, a power broker to protect small companies from large ones, a provider of supplemental funds, a coordinator with other government policies, a socializer to spread the benefits to the community, an overseer to ensure that the project stays on track, and a defender of the clearly defined national interest that is to flow from the consortium's activities.
When the AKP felt strong enough after eliminating its archenemies, it no longer needed the EU as a shelter, legitimizer and coalition builder.
In John Ogbu's view, instead (Ogbu, 1978) bridewealth is not "purchase money" but a legitimizer of marriage, and he argued that it functions to enhance, not diminish, the status of African women.
For a good discussion of the UN's and, especially, the secretary-general's potential strength as a diplomatic legitimizer, see Giandommenico Picco, "The UN and the Use of Force," Foreign Affairs 73, no.
58) Love, rather than greedy lust, remained a powerful legitimizer for them.
Eight years after that question, Mello answers: Yes, he has been a legitimizer.
Similarly, Turkey stands as the most important legitimizer of any Kurdish strategy.
Guilty liberals, closet labor radicals and various unaffiliated political activists see the organization as a legitimizer of "acceptable' leftist behavior, the kind that produces a high benefit-to-risk ratio.