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BETWEEN THE LINES: President Bush, writes Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, "could not propose to regulate carbon dioxide--the inescapable byproduct of the carbon-based fuels that supply 86 percent of all the energy Americans use--without legitimizing the Kyoto agenda of climate alarmism and energy rationing.
A third chapter explores the "syndrome of provincialism" which he contends served to fuel the legitimizing process; in the fourth he argues that Virginia gentlemen succeeded in their pursuit of gentility even though they only adopted selected elements of the British model.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien is about to place a national stamp of approval upon legitimizing deviant behaviour by adding "sexual orientation" to the Human Rights Act of Canada.
Antiguan officials anticipate that major US companies, including Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Bank of America, Clear Channel Communication, and Bravo TV, may soon find themselves required to comply with the WTO ruling legitimizing trade between Antiguan online gaming companies and the US market.
Promising signs in 2005 include the launch of several third-party online music stores, and some unauthorized services, or those working in a gray area, legitimizing their services, the high-tech market research firm says.
Committee member Svend Robinson read from the 1992 letter from the Vatican opposed to legitimizing deviant behaviour, and from a pastoral letter just issued by the Archbishop of Vancouver stating that the Bill must be opposed unless three basic guarantees were agreed upon: 1) a definition of sexual orientation; 2) no marital status for homosexuals; 3) protection for freedom of speech.
Refreshingly, the discussion centers not on latent Western racism, leading to the devastation of Iraq, but rather on how the West proved so "capable of legitimizing a destructive undertaking wholly out of proportion with its announced objectives, and contrary to its own universally proclaimed standards.
Llamas and alpacas are now officially livestock instead of ``wild animals'' in Los Angeles County, legitimizing their breeding in rural areas of the Antelope Valley and elsewhere in Los Angeles County.
The recent rulings in Massachusetts and elsewhere legitimizing homosexual "marriages," sudden as they may have seemed, have simply been enabled by the long-term strategy of enculturation carried out by the homosexual lobby.
As demonstrated by James von Geldern, Soviet holidays were a means of publicly communicating socialist values to an illiterate population and legitimizing the new regime.
ISLAMABAD -- The amnesty scheme notified by the Federal Government, for legitimizing the smuggled and non-duty paid vehicles upon payment of duty and taxes will expire on 31st March, 2013.
His model of ethnic democracy does not offer any solution to the inherent contradiction between the particularistic nature of Zionism/the Israeli state on the one hand and its use of universalistic legitimizing discourse on the other.