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Since both Papacy and Emperor were too weak at the beginning of the Reformation, a temporary compromise was struck in the 1555 Treaty of Augsburg which for the first time abandoned the legitimizing principle of "Universal Christian Monarchy" and settled on "cujus regio, ejus religio," roughly translated as "whoever reigns imposes his religion in his realm.
Despite that I have argued in this paper that Smooha has failed to introduce a new insight as to the inherent contradiction between the particularistic nature of the Zionist project and later on the state of Israel on the one hand, and their use of a universalistic legitimizing discourse on the other.
A third chapter explores the "syndrome of provincialism" which he contends served to fuel the legitimizing process; in the fourth he argues that Virginia gentlemen succeeded in their pursuit of gentility even though they only adopted selected elements of the British model.
Quoting from the Catholic Catechism he showed that legitimizing homosexual activity was in harmony with Catholic teaching.
Prime Minister Jean Chretien is about to place a national stamp of approval upon legitimizing deviant behaviour by adding "sexual orientation" to the Human Rights Act of Canada.