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A report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that in 2015 men took, on average, 43 hours of leisure time per week - compared with around 38 hours for women.
In 2015 men had, on average, 43 hours of leisure time a week, Women had 38 hours each week.
In Britain on average men enjoy an average of 40 minutes' more leisure time a day than women.
3 hours of increased leisure time per week for young men was spent playing video games, while younger women and older men and women spent negligible extra leisure time in this way.
Nawaz Sharif likes to eat his favourite foods in his free time, while Imran Khan believes in visiting new places to make the most of his leisure time.
So how to spend leisure time represents peoples' lifestyle and evidences of their health and disease or family problems (10).
At the same time, the way how people use their leisure time affects their levels of unoccupied satisfaction.
Thus, another cost of the recession for couples who have children is a reduction in leisure time together.
They added that the mechanisms underlying this interaction were unclear and in principle, lower levels of leisure time sitting might strengthen protective effects of higher physical activity, either through independent physiological mechanisms or as a marker for greater engagement in low-intensity activity, such as standing.
In the present study, the amount of leisure-time at working days was significantly associated with physical activity in the bivariate analysis,--fewer hours of leisure time were more likely to be reported by sedentary people--, but this variable was not selected in the multivariate analysis.
Barnardo's Community Links are looking for volunteers who can take children out for three hours a week to help them enjoy their leisure time.
In Iran country, there are 250,000 to 300,000 blind people [3] who should have the same right to spend leisure time, to do sport and physical activity, and to use whole sport and leisure facilities.