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It is, however, quite obviously more than the product of leisured reading, though it is that as well: an energetic ransacking of source material in search of truth pithily and cogently expressed.
Among his topics are the Camino de Santiago as a spiritual workplace, theories of leisured travel, contemporary forms of religious life, and India in the mind of the spiritual tourist.
More important, perhaps, is Helsinger's emphasis on the strangeness, unfamiliarity, alienation, and disquiet which etching can convey: as she observes, this is its true modern character, its ability to represent an "urban loneliness" and to render "the strangeness of the new." Martha Tedeschi studies the rhetoric and vocabulary in which writers and artists in England distanced etching from its association with leisured amateurs, notably women, and redefined it as a professional, "high" art.
We are predisposed to the sports of the leisured classes and even have doughty female Queensbury pugilists.
It's clear to the viewers of The Gleaners that its characters "are farmers like we are," or, since they seem to have harder lives, "like the old folks in the past." Conversely, the alfresco diners in Le Dejeuner are recognizably more leisured than their counterparts amid the bamboo, inspiring one to call the naked picnicker "a cute rich girl." Another fixes on her unblemished skin, describing it in terms that must be a first in the large literature on that painting: "Her face is fresh like fresh chicken droppings (so white and soft)."
These include the promotion of a romanticized version of the Southwest, the dependence on federal capital for home loan funding and infrastructure, and reliance on a nonwhite labor force for the literal construction of leisured, residential space.
A posthumously published volume of his leisured, opinionated letters to Berenson which appeared in 2006 shows him to have been a master of that form, too.
There's something appealing about that life of leisured ease, of luxury and domestic comfort alongside formal dinners and tennis on the lawn, picnic hampers, bright young things and ubiquitous servants.
"An evening newspaper, fulfilling a less responsible place than that of a morning newspaper, and intended to meet the wants of a more chatty and leisured part of the day, will naturally aim at presenting so much of the day's intelligence as is common to both in a lighter and more entertaining manner.
The Sea Chart's appeal is to a wider readership than just mariners, leisured or professional.
"They're not scheduled but punctually leisured to death, that's how we like to think of it."
It is true that 12 out of the 13 large albums that constitute the exhibition are the work of leisured, mostly aristocratic 19th-century wives and mothers.