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I was also uncomfortable with Vlahos's elitist notion that the epic holds one meaning for the average hearer or reader, for whom Penelope is understood to remain ignorant of Odysseus's identity until very late in the tale, and quite another for the more sophisticated and leisured reader, like Vlahos, who through study and reconsideration, a good deal of "reading between the lines," and a healthy dose of psychoanalysis of the characters, is able to uncover a Penelope who knows who the disguised beggar is much earlier in the tale?
It is true that 12 out of the 13 large albums that constitute the exhibition are the work of leisured, mostly aristocratic 19th-century wives and mothers.
We participate in a long conversation that aids in the nurture of qualities as necessary as blood in our sad world--or maybe even more necessary if, as the philosopher Josef Pieper has argued, leisure is one of the foundations of Western culture because it affords the necessary still moment for wonder and transcendence: "Be leisured, and know that I am God," in the words of the Psalms verse that stands as epigraph to Pieper's Leisure, the Basis of Culture.
Many of the West's "affluent, leisured, free, and protected" citizens further weaken their nations by supporting antiwar movements and valuing the lives of their young much more than their enemies value theirs--another of the asymmetries of modern warfare
Betting added another dimension of excitement to the uncertainty of sport itself and it was excitement, which the leisured rural classes were especially seeking, particularly in a countryside whose range of more conventional pursuits soon began to pall in the eyes of the young, married, leisured males.
The clubs appealed to young men from the leisured classes and were socially subversive.
Still "lighter than her mother," she succeeds where Clotel does not, her pale beauty attracting a rich white foreigner and thus fixing her ability to maintain a leisured lifestyle.
Summering this year in a meadow he leisured and was photographed
For centuries Sanskrit literature has been for the leisured, the learned, the cultivated.
The ordering of space through planning both productive and leisured landscapes was also a common value shared amongst the European elite.
In her reference to the "romantic spirit" that attracted the leisured classes to the North Atlantic littoral, Blixen reminds us that Romanticism, whatever else it may be in a positive way, also incorporates a morbid pleasure in ruins.
In the first half of the nineteenth century publishers had aimed the women's periodical press, whether weekly or monthly, almost exclusively at the leisured class of British society.