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Egg collecting also became a fashionable hobby for the leisured classes created by the Industrial Revolution.
Such activities are no longer viewed as the luxuries of an idle leisured class, but as everyday necessities for the vast majority of women and a fair proportion of men too.
In Decline and Fall, his Bauhaus architect Otto Silenus--discovered by Margot Beste-Chetwynde 'in the pages of a progressive Hungarian quarterly'--is more than simply hostile to the traditional mouldering pile and the leisured life that was led within.
Many are sufficiently prosperous and leisured to have businesses down on earth, or other parallel sources of income.
Maybe - but there was far more chance of a youngster not born into the leisured classes messing about on the golf course than messing about on rivers.
This is the book, perhaps, for the more mature, leisured `educated general reader' to take with her on that long-meditated winter `break' to Phuket or Phoolong.
The Yorkshire Dales Cycle Way covers a leisured six-day tour of the Dales.
A desire to buy clothing that was laden with cultural value, acquired through a ritualised process that allowed women of all social backgrounds an opportunity to indulge, however briefly, in an idealised world of leisured femininity, secured the continued viability of the bespoke garment-making sector long after the development of mass production techniques and the wide availability of ready-made clothing.
Experts suggest our increasingly leisured and sedentary lifestyle is a prime cause, leading people to choose breeds of dog which are generally content to sit on the sofa.
Golf courses and sports centres would be crowded out with the young leisured classes.
Yet they are a small minority - for the most part retired, or anyway leisured, folk who have chosen not to bundle their investments into PEP or ISA packages.