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Few major themes of Russian history--or, for that matter, of the history of modern Western society--are not somehow tied up with suicide: modernity and modernization, self and subjectivity, and power (both domination and resistance) are major interpretive leitmotifs in this study, but so are related questions of class and status, the public sphere and civil society, the cultural values of honor and dignity, religion and the sacred, secularism, science, freedom and happiness, literature and society, time (especially progress and decline), the body, emotions (notably modem "boredom"), and the will.
It is this recurring leitmotif, we suggest, that informs the juxtaposition of the two accounts, already similar thematically: the hoodwinking of the aged Jacob and of his son Judah.
This leitmotif used to be known as the Redemption Theme, but is nowadays accepted as The Glorification of Brunnhilde.
The green curio cabinet with its gold chinoiserie motif became the leitmotif of Younger's design scheme.
As Joshua Green pointed out in a lengthy profile in The Atlantic, homosexual smears have been a Rove leitmotif.
This detailed look by a modern Protestant scholar, takes as its leitmotif that Paul transformed Jesus' message into a world religion.
There are many riches: the brilliant orchestration (including early use of the saxophone in a symphonic context); the leitmotif approach familiar from Wagner's operas; the multitude of infectious tunes and rhythms that add up to a compulsively dance-worthy sound world.
The focus on agon as a leitmotif leads, however, to anomalies.
Romanides' leitmotif in his theology was the distinction between the uncreated energies and the essence of God.
Many HGTV shows feature a subtle, battle-of-the-sexes leitmotif that adds to the intrigue, while reinforcing and pandering to its audience's prejudices in a way that surely boosts viewership.
The question regarding "the good life" as well as that regarding the relationship, if any, between what we find to be "good" and what we find to be "beautiful," constitute the leitmotif for a course I teach at Colorado College, [1] which is designed as an introduction to a liberal arts education.
If balance is the leitmotif of Popes and Politics, it does not describe Lawler's characterization of those he calls "ideological denigrators" and "ideological consecrators" of the papacy.