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n. short for Order to Show Cause. (See: Order to Show Cause)

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FOUR endangered lemurs are the newest arrivals at Chester Zoo.
FOUR crowned lemurs - one of the world's rarest primate species - have been brought to Chester Zoo as part of an international breeding programme.
Jamie Spence, director of Feedback Madagascar, said: "Madagascar's unique forest is the only home to over eleven kinds of lemur, including the black and white ruffed, ring tailed and brown which can be found at Blair Drummond Safari Park.
LEMUR made it up climbing to its goal and find fossilized balls of algae that inhabited the ancient sea that was once in the area.
He dropped the lemur the next day, still in the box, outside the Newport Beach Marriott Bayview hotel with a handwritten note asking that it be returned to the zoo.
Celebrate the Park's Lemur Week (May 25 to June 2) with the latest CotsWild Explorer Lemur activity trail for ages 6-11 year olds available in the gift shop.
As I did so, I felt a suspicious squelching and realised my socked heel had slid into a pile of lemur poo.
A ZOO is celebrating after six rare lemurs - including two sets of twins - were born.
One lineage eventually led to the aye-aye, which split from the rest of the lemur family tree 40 million years ago, while the other led to all other lemurs.
Of course, the shorter route you choose, the lesser species of lemurs you will see.
Hibernating animals, in the strictest sense, stop regulating body temperature, says Peter Klopfer, cofounder of the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, N.C.