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n. short for Order to Show Cause. (See: Order to Show Cause)

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Lemurs are prosimians - primates that began to evolve before monkeys - and as such provide a crucial link to our understanding of evolution.
Lemurs are primates which inhabit Madagascar off the coast of Africa.
Most of the people we talked to had been told that the forest and the lemurs were protected.
Fat-tailed dwarf lemurs, from Madagascar, hibernate for up to seven months of the year to conserve energy during the island's long winter dry season, during which little food and water is available.
Much of the damage done to their habitat in Madagascar is irreversible, and many other species of lemur may soon be gone forever.
The transitional government enforces strict controls in Madagascar's national parks, dishing out 20-year prison sentences to anyone who kills a lemur or cuts down a native tree.
Ranomafana is home to the last two true breed greater bamboo lemurs, a father and daughter whose family were killed by natural predator, the fosa.
In contrast, the L-BSE agent passaged in a lemur was efficiently transmitted to hamsters, with a mean survival period of 529 [+ or -] 117 dpi, similar to that for L-BSE from cattle (622 [+ or -] 64 dpi) (Table).
TWIN lemurs have moved to Twycross Zoo as part of a breeding programme for the endangered species.
He's in Madagascar to find out why lemur numbers are dwindling.
British billionaire and adventurer Sir Richard Branson has come up with yet another wild, albeit this time terrestrial, scheme--relocating endangered Madagascar lemurs to an undeveloped Caribbean island he owns.
Lemurs mostly eat leaves and fruits, and sometimes insects, and Yoder said the more than 230 examples of 19 different species at her Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina required a high level of care and attention.