lend aid

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In the disaster's wake, the United States was one of the first countries to lend aid to the Government of the Philippines (GPH).
They lend aid to elders at the elders dinner, and participate in an on-stage introduction.
Haiti, and other locations after natural disasters to lend aid.
We truly hope that our monetary gift is able to make the dire situation a little bit better as individuals and organizations around the world continue to lend aid to these recovery efforts.
Even so Britain had to pay back large sums of money to America for the lease lend aid.
The plan includes warning passengers about their policies, adopting a zero tolerance stance towards the problem and informing passengers that they may have to lend aid if an air rage incident occurs, according to AirWise.
There was also the further hope that Tsar Ivan would lend aid in the war against the infidel.
And investing in companies that lend aid to these regimes is not conducive to long-term investment strategies.
To the Department employees who rushed to lend aid and bring order to the aftermath, she said: "You made America proud.
Port companies in Hamburg have been quick to lend aid during the disaster.
The Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank, founded in 1472 as a Monte di Pieta (Pawn agency) to lend aid to the underprivileged classes of Siena, is considered the oldest bank in the world.