lend aid

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to form a new operating subsidiary of the company, which will operate an institutionally-funded Lend Aid platform intended to become the company's core business going forward.
It was remarkable, for example, to see a group of Republican-leaning economists with serious professional credentials put out an open letter clearly intended to lend aid and comfort to Mnuchinesque promises of miraculous growth.
The real blessing we have is with the writing of our Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11: The value of our citizen soldiers and airmen who, once again, muster to the sound of the needs of our citizens and go straight into danger to lend aid to our fellow Americans, said Dravis.
In March, a (http://www.ibtimes.com/deadly-king-cobra-snake-helped-indian-villagers-caught-video-2518207) video went mildly viral after footage captured a group of people in an Indian village attempting to lend aid to a 12-foot King Cobra.
Text messages on her cell phone were telling: she went to Bohol to lend aid to the remaining bandits.
Friendship, after all, whether between countries or individuals, carries with it a moral responsibility and obligation to lend aid, advice, resources, and protection as the case may warrant.
In the disaster's wake, the United States was one of the first countries to lend aid to the Government of the Philippines (GPH).
They lend aid to elders at the elders dinner, and participate in an on-stage introduction.
In addition to her efforts locally, she has traveled Joslin, Mo., Haiti, and other locations after natural disasters to lend aid.
Even so Britain had to pay back large sums of money to America for the lease lend aid.
The plan includes warning passengers about their policies, adopting a zero tolerance stance towards the problem and informing passengers that they may have to lend aid if an air rage incident occurs, according to AirWise.com.
To the Department employees who rushed to lend aid and bring order to the aftermath, she said: "You made America proud."