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209, or the Good Samaritan At Sea Law, seeks to ensure that those guilty of jeopardizing the lives of persons at sea and those who refuse to lend assistance during emergencies at sea would not go unpunished.
In this regard, the EU is willing to lend assistance to combat corruption, strengthen the judiciary and undertake other similar measures that will enhance governance, and ensure that the rights stipulated in our Constitution are adhered to and protected.
Then when the body of a woman is discovered in woodland next to the derailment, Inspector Colbeck is despatched to lend assistance, believing the two incidents might be connected.
On China's claim that the Chinese vessel stayed long enough to witness other vessels lend assistance to the Filipino fishermen, Batongbacal said it only confirms that it refused to lend assistance and decided to "simply watch" while the F/B Gem-Vir 1 sank and its crew were in danger of being lost to the sea.
The post BFC lend assistance to fire-fighting efforts appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
" Karapatan said that it dispatched a quick response team of paralegals and lawyers to lend assistance to the two who were arrested.
'The easiest way to bring relief was to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), like previous governments kept doing, and the other route was to go to friendly nations and ask them to lend assistance to us.
The mayor said the city will lend assistance if asked.
It will also carry out detours in case of accidents or breakdowns, assist road users, lend assistance to the police at site and protect parked vehicles.
Footasylum staff came out of the store to help and Jane rushed over to lend assistance as well.
He also vowed that the UN would lend assistance to the EU to create conditions for a world which is peaceful and secured.
But once they agreed to a fight, they are grounded there and cannot lend assistance elsewhere.