lend assistance

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I am glad we have friends in the region who can lend assistance when we are in need, Capt.
It's a mystery why she took on this responsibility, since the agency involved is the Department of Health, and there's a lot of government bodies that could lend assistance to the probe: police examiners, the National Bureau of Investigation's forensic teams, even the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, which in fact conducted its own study at the request of Health Secretary
For those who could not help Tuesday, there will be a chance to lend assistance Wednesday through Friday as well, Drake said.
However, Russia and Iran's actions in Syria are based not only on the need to lend assistance to their ally and counter the growing threat of destabilization of the Middle East, but, above all, on the necessity to protect their own national interests.
courts should lend assistance in foreign judicial proceedings to the extent such assistance is not inconsistent with local law or public policy.
The aircraft was part of operation Niki, victory in Greek, a secret operation to lend assistance to Cypriot forces battling invading Turkish troops on July 22.
We just turned our skis around and headed up the beach at full power to lend assistance.
Ray Hartsough answered the call of the Quaker service organization and was sent to Gaza in 1948 to lend assistance to refugees as a result of the Arab-Israeli War.
Croke Park must lend assistance to the Leinster Council in this case to ensure the right outcome is achieved.
Almost two decades later, the murder he had investigated seems to have been repeated on the island, and he is ordered to go there to lend assistance and determine if the similarities are for real.
He explained that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was requested to lend assistance to restore legitimacy in Yemen and stop war that's announced by the Houthi militias when they sought enforcing power over all the Yemeni territories.