lend money to

See: assist, support
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I dare say," I went on, meaning to be very severe, "that you wouldn't lend money to any of us, if we wanted it.
I buy goods of my needy brethren; I lend money to those who are not ready for their payments.
Summary: Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 10 (ANI): Hailing the 'Startup India' initiative Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that under the campaign it was made compulsory for the banks to lend money to women and people of Scheduled Tribe at lesser interest.
Global Banking News-June 10, 2016--IDB to lend money to Jamaica for financial reforms
But 72 per cent of Britons would be happy to lend money to partners, the research suggested.
Gda John Kennedy said he met Earley in Ballina in June 2001 and he told him he used to lend money to work colleagues.
While the bank of mum and dad remains important, with 37% of lenders giving money to their children, you are generally more likely to lend money to friends, with 48% of lenders lending them money.
Almost a quarter (24%) of the eight-year-olds who were questioned said they sometimes lend money to other people.
When small businesses in Wenatchee are ready to take steps of growth, the banks will be ready to lend money to do it.
So, in my opinion, Bernstein should not lend money to Boon Huat.
maneo is about helping people lend money to and borrow money from each other, sidestepping the expense and inconvenience of traditional banks and consumer finance companies.
Shareholders who lend money to an S corporation can deduct losses in excess of the stock basis.