lend support

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Caring Today, the premier magazine for family caregivers will lend support and editorial content to The Caregiver Initiative, a public-awareness campaign announced today by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, joined by the United States Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Richard H.
Preliminary results from a gravity experiment conducted deep within the Greenland ice cap may lend support to the existence of a much-disputed fifth force of nature.
The public is invited to lend support either by purchasing La Salsa's GrandeTray(TM) party platters at any of its participating 100+ restaurants nationwide or via the Internet as part of the "Dream Foundation/La Salsa Pledge Drive.
We look forward to having Rich on-board to both lend support to our sales and marketing initiatives and provide guidance in other key operating areas such as product development," said Epicus Communications' CEO, Mark Schaftlein.
The new PET findings lend support to several theories about what causes stuttering, Fox and his colleagues hold.
This partnership enables our members to have a dialogue with other active Oracle users, which will positively impact the Oracle family of products, as well as lend support to Oracle's increasingly important role in the global marketplace.
The genetic findings lend support to the controversial proposal, advanced by Fred Wendorf of Southern Methodist University in Dallas and his coworkers, that cattle domestication emerged in northeastern Africa around 9,000 years ago, independent of any other domestications.
Frequent readers of our website know that a heavy accumulation of bearish bets could lend support when needed.
Three new studies lend support to the theory that many cases of schizophrenia stem from derailments of brain development that begin early in life, perhaps in the womb.
As always, WeatherBug will continue to feature links to the Red Cross to lend support to hurricane victims if the need arises.
But a new analysis of the economic impacts of that spending does "not lend support to the widely held belief that environmental programs generally hurt the economy by crippling industries and increasing unemployment," three economists report in the current AMBIO (Vol.
several months ago to lend support to Saliar Rustem, her daughter-in-law and Ali's wife, and her two grandsons.