lending assistance

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JAKARTA, Nov 13, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has expressed gratitude to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for lending assistance in handling land and forest fires.
The CJP said that of late, the judiciary has always tried to exercise its powers within the ambit of constitution t rectify illegal steps and forge harmony among institutions besides lending assistance to fortify foundations of the state.
The Greek central bank has requested an additional boost to its Emergency Lending Assistance.
ECB policymakers sanctioned further Emergency Lending Assistance for Greece's banks up to e1/474 billion, a banking source said on Tuesday, a reminder of the dire financial straits that the country is in.
On whether France needs a special treatment from the Kingdom as regards financial investments, Prince Saud Al-Faisal said Saudi Arabia and France are constant friends and that "Saudi Arabia would never lag behind in lending assistance to them".
The ECB increased the ceiling on emergency lending assistance for Greek banks, introduced last month when it stopped acceptingGreek governmentbonds as collateral for funds, by e1/4500m to nearly e1/469bn.
Shortlisted projects will be considered by an international expert judging panel, which includes a member of the Dutch Wash Alliance, a consortium of six NGOs in the Netherlands promoting hygienic use of sustainable water and sanitation, will be lending assistance.
But prosecutors said Seales, the Weirs, and McCaughey went to the yard with the joint purpose of inflicting serious injury on Mr Strickland and that by lending assistance to each other, all four participated and were equally guilty.
In addition, the DIMC will be lending assistance to the Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC) in organising a round of the UIM XCAT World Series in Fujairah that will also be the inaugural edition of the XCAT World Cup on December 1-2.
The Cyprus agreement "will allow the ECB to continue to provide emergency lending assistance to the Cypriot banking system which if it had been pulled today without an agreement in place would have opened the door to Cyprus leaving the euro," noted Lee Hardman, currency analyst at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in London.
Bond investors were looking to comments by the ECB, which has said it will provide liquidity to Cypriot banks within certain limits, even though if there was no bailout, the bank would have to end emergency lending assistance under its current rules.
The Russian partners from the Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Company Atomenergoproekt and Atomstroyexport will keep lending assistance with the servicing of the equipment during the 36-month warranty period.