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The A-5 recoil-operated semiauto shotgun features a humpback-shaped receiver, Kinematic Drive System, Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones, Invector-DS Choke System, 3-inch chambers, Inflex II recoil pad and is available with 26-, 28- and 30inch barrels.
In such a descriptive system, stem forms of Voro words could be, depending on grade alternation, classified into strong (S) and weak (W) grades, and into lengthened (L) and over-lengthened (OL) grades (see Iva 2007 : 59-60; Juva 2005 : 103-104).
After five ops, Michael's right leg has been lengthened by 31cm - and is now only 5cm shorter than his left.
Hence, the (final) vowel of words in closed syllables such as fuel and egg in (4 g&j), is lengthened on a high tone such that we have /fu[epsilon][epsilon]l/ and /[epsilon][epsilon]'g/ with options of inserting /i/ after the consonant.
The winning story is A Lengthened Chain by Basil Ransome-Davies who gets pounds 750 and a year's membership of the Lit & Phil.
BOOKIES lengthened the odds on the Tories winning the next General Election, despite good results in the English council vote.
Hills cut seven single-figure drawn horses in the Britannia, and lengthened nine with high draws.
The ability to telework from the cottage has lengthened people's time at the cottage well into the shoulder seasons and an aging, financially well off demographic are contributing to more fly-ins.
At the Grand Central Shuttle Station, platforms will be lengthened to accommodate five car trains.
Global warming has also lengthened the growing season of vegetation in mid- and high-latitude regions, says Xiaoyang Zhang, a geographer at Boston University.
Alexander work would teach her to release that held position and replace it with a lengthened spine and more inner muscular strength.