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From this standpoint, The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City calls upon all workers in the building and construction sector not to show any lenience, exercise utmost care & caution and comply with all safety standards when it comes to erecting and using scaffolds," continued Zu'rub.
In addition to offering lenience, if not forgiveness, for heinous crimes, the FBI pays these informants tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, creating a perverse incentive for them to ensnare dupes into terrorist plots.
According to PCHR's documentation, 3 women were killed due to this practice, despite the Palestinian Authority's abolition of the lenience in sentences issued against the perpetrators of such crimes.
concentrate solely on Wiggins' objections in their response, arguing that a certain lenience should be allowed for such models given that cognitive modeling is still in its infancy.
Thus, the leaders of new regimes, and of those that have for now managed to survive, must become convinced that the millstone in the rise of a new regional order, as a result of the transformations in the Arab world, involves a move toward fundamentally changing the method of dealing with the international lenience vis-Ea-vis Israeli policy, if these regimes wish to be members in this new regional order.
Some British life insurers would have been "on the brink of insolvency" during the 2008 financial crisis without such regulatory lenience, according to Fitch insurance analyst David Prowse.
Sources claim Cowell provided Britney with "unheard of" lenience in order to secure her as a judge.
Sleiman reiterated his stance that the government would show no lenience with individuals involved in trading in spoiled foodstuffs, despite the difficulty with appointing the country's top judicial official.
However, since taking transitional rule of the country after the ousting of the Mubarak regime, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has exhibited lenience while dealing with such law-breakers and a firm stand against revolutionaries expressing public demands.
BOC showed the players even more lenience, making the ban retroactive to December, when the players were suspended by the Bulgarian Football Union, meaning that the bans expire on March 23 and the trio will miss only several league matches.
Drenthe should have made an instant impact by winning his side a spot-kick, after his surging run into the area was ended by a blatant shove from Kaboul, but for once Martin Atkinson was lenience personified and denied the call.
Bottom line: While lenience by banks and gradual improvement in CRE fundamentals have helped cushion commercial real estate from a more severe downturn, the high level of maturing debt remains a significant barrier to recovery.