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The IPO's decision to give the suspect some time to think over his involvement in the crime was also a demonstration of lenience on his part.
In these rounds of talks we have observed lenience in order to build trust and reach a comprehensive deal, but we have not made the slightest compromise over the rights of the Iranian nation, and we will never do so," the state news agency (IRNA) quoted President Rouhani as saying.
The God praised here wields power through lenience.
Their supposed lenience comes with a perk: by rescheduling loans, they make some gains on the additional interest that accrues from prolonging the repayment period.
He added, "The Prime Minister also said that it was necessary to elect a new president without any reluctance or lenience for the sake of the nation's best interest.
In our imperfect world, showing lenience to heinous criminals ends up being a licence to commit more crime
When Farrell was pulled over a second time, the situation escalated as she pleaded for lenience while refusing the officer's orders to get out of the van.
been forced to strip ourselves naked and beg for lenience.
2001, Leading in a culture of change, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass), referencing Von Krogh and colleagues, is salient to his point: "A culture of care is vital for successful performance, which they define in five dimensions: mutual trust, active empathy, access to help, lenience in judgment, and courage" (p.
He added that the state is not lenience with militias or gangs who trespass the freedom of people and impost their rotten values on others under various pretexts.
Mandela managed to present new standards for the culture of lenience and peace seeking both at national and at the international levels," Dehqani said.
Joubert offers little lenience at the scrummage, especially and the Lions need to remain on his right side.