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Commissioner Stella Alabastro Quimbo, however, said that PCC could not simply copy the leniency program being used by other countries.
Leniency program, which functions like a program meant for whistle blowers, can fast-track the gathering of information and evidence because it involves testimony from someone or a corporation's involvement in an anti-competitive practice.
The claim relates to the alleged improper sales practices before 2012 that are also the subject of the leniency agreements under discussion with the Brazilian authorities and Petrobras.
He said that the devised plan to combat the dengue disease be implemented in letter and spirit as there was no space for any leniency.
DMC - Korangi Chairman said unauthorized possession of foot paths, road sides or of any other public property will be cleared without any leniency and distinction.
Theoretical Framework: The Role of Leniency in the Fight against Cartels A.
Baer further noted the department requires companies seeking leniency to have made investments in developing effective compliance programs, "including conducting a thorough internal investigation, providing detailed proffers of the reported conduct, producing foreign-located documents, preparing translations, and making witnesses available for interviews.
I don't regard the choice as being between severity and leniency but what will reduce future serious crime being committed.
BEIRUT: The much-awaited security plan in the Bekaa Valley will be strictly implemented and authorities will show no leniency with anyone wanted for suspected criminal activity, Speaker Nabih Berri was quoted as saying Monday.
THE sentence handed down to the man responsible for the State's most lethal car crash is being appealed on grounds of leniency.
EOKA fighters have turned their backs on former Central Bank Governor Christodoulos Christodoulou, after he argued before court that he should receive leniency for a tax evasion, because -- among other things -- he was a member of EOKA.
Theophilus Freeman (Paul Giamatti) takes delivery of Solomon and ignores his pleas for leniency, snarling, "My sentimentality stretches the length of a coin".