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In brief, between vowels or between a vowel and a voiced sound, the fricatives spelt <f p/d s> are assumed to have undergone voicing and should be articulated as lenis consonants, i.
5 Corelli 1700 Walsh a (engraved flat and bass clef) Harmonia Lenis Bishop 1700 unidentified Set of Ayres Simons 1701 Walsh a (engraved bass clef) Lessons for a Single Flute Demoivre 1701 Walsh a (no bass clef evident) Six Sonatas or Solos Topham 1701 Walsh a (engraved bass clef) Ayres in Three Parts Bononcini 1701 Walsh a (engraved bass clef) Sonatas, op.
Life of promising academic and sporting star tragically cut short: Richard Emlyn Lenis Jones was only 18-years-old, but he shone both academically and on the sports field.
64, [section] 100: The spiritus lenis is correct for the printed initial spiritus asper in 'af'alun.
Lenis said he was resigning because he had 'completed his cycle' at Avianca after having turned the airline from a domestic carrier into an international one, according to Reuters.
The Italian eventually had to settle for second place behind Achike and just ahead of Stamatis Lenis of Greece who jumped 17.
I; Lenis Blanche, Petite histoire de l'imprimerie et de la presse a la Guadeloupe , dans Histoire de la Guadeloupe (Paris: Maurice Lavigne, imprimeur, 1938), 163s.
Line 8344 of the Chronique, `Sot toz joios e enveisiez', which has no equivalent in Dudo, may be the result of Benoit's misreading the lenis of Dudo's `vasallus constans et lenis' as levis.
the leader in Intelligent Disk-based Data Protection(TM), today announced that Charles Lenis has joined the company as vice president of worldwide sales.
As for medial short/single plosives, Vork (1972 : 15) wrote that "in Estonian, [the graphemes] b, d and g denote short, voiceless lenis plosives [as in the word luba, kade and lugu].
Herrera S, Bonelo A, Perlaza BL, Fernandez OL, Victoria L, Lenis AM, et al.
Numerous attempts have been made to come to terms with the laryngeal complex: distinctions between fortis and lenis, tense and lax, slack and stiff vocal cords readily come to mind.