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Tn addition, we notice the request for higher softness touch/feel, together with visual properties, like printing and embossing and for lenitive properties having additives like aloe, chamomile, vitamin E, etc.
Pictures by Julian Hughes Outfits from Peters Make-up by Stacey Hargreaves and Greta Bumstead at Lenitive Plus Nails by Hayley Kellett at Square Ten Hair by Charlotte Crossley and Nicola Hughes at Mark Riley Stretch limo from SLS Limousines, Shepley
Applications: Trealix is able to recreate the natural state of hydration of the skin, so to be considered an innovative moisturizing and lenitive cosmetic ingredient, particularly suitable for delicate skin and hair
His "Ars Poetica" rested upon proleptic "truth dipped in a lie" as lenitive for despair, a sustaining fiction that men are unlimited in ability to match their ideals.