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dissenting) (suggesting the rule of lenity applies because the defendant's reading of the statutory language is "eminently debatable"), and Muscarello v.
Unlike lenity, then, the court's task is not to determine the
Thus, faced with the option of two interpretations, we yield to the rule of lenity and choose the more obliging route.
However, the rule of lenity would seem to encourage courts to disregard one of the most fundamental principles of Islamic and American legislation and adjudication: judicial deference to legislative supremacy.
The Court ruled in Santos's favor, stressing that "[b]ecause the profits definition of proceeds is always more defendant-friendly than the receipts definition, the rule of lenity dictates that it should be adopted.
Oh, and to add to their lenity of sin, one dared to disparage Karren Brady, "Football's First Lady".
At the same time in consideration of his long confinement[,] his youth, his contrition, his earnest desire to make every reparation and his promise to behave better in future, we request you please to signify to His Excellency that we would wish to shew him lenity and not bring him to trial.
rule of lenity, which counsels construing any ambiguity against a
upbraided or abused in disdainful language; for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner.
The rule of lenity is a common judicial tool applied in the face of
12) Nor did it explicitly invoke the familiar rule of lenity to resolve a statutory ambiguity against the Government in a criminal prosecution, although the dissenting judge on the court of appeals had done so.
Schmucker wrote the following as introduction to his textbook: "On matters of non-fundamental importance, Christians should agree to controvert with lenity, and differ in peace.