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Microlensing is highly sensitive to the presence of a planet orbiting the lens star (and to multiple lensing objects generally) --OGLE detected a 5.
Title: Extreme Magnification Microlensing Event OGLE-2008-BLG-279: Strong Limits on Planetary Companions to the Lens Star
The striker was initially suspended for six weeks following his stamp on Lens star Nenad Kovacevic in December.
As the lens star moves through the background star's light path, it induces a beautifully symmetric brightening and dimming pattern that persists for several days.
Lens star Belhadj is believed to be on Celtic's radar as they search for a new wing-back to fill the void left by the expected departure of Lee Naylor back to English football.
Mawene scored twice for PNE last term (both on the road) and the former Derby and Lens star will give you a fair bit of excitement every time Preston launch a monster throw into the Town box.