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Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Canadian Armed Forces members participating in Operation LENTUS in Lameque, New Brunswick on February 3, 2017.
coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus lentus - were extracted and tested for resistance against 16 antibiotics.
Cloning and sequencing of an alkaline protease gene from Bacillus lentus and amplification of the gene on the B.
Dawson (1871) additionally described Asterophyllites lentus (corrected spelling by Matthew 1906a).
It's great news that it's all done and dusted," said Lentus Asset Management chief investment officer Nic Norman-Smith.
Esta viene de vis que significa fuerza y lentus, que como sufijo tiene valor continuo.
at lascivus Amor rixae mala verba ministrat, inter et iratum lentus utrumque sedet.
2 Derovatellus lentus (Wehncke) Derallus altus (Leconte) * Vatellus haagi Wehncke Derallus angustus Sharp Laccophilinae Derallus paranensis Oliva Laccophilini Hydrophilini Laccomimus sp.
tu, Tityre, lentus in umbra / Formosam resonare docet Amaryllida silvas" (You Tityrus, at ease in the shade, teach the woods to re-echo the name beautiful Amaryllis.
Gladiator: Possum esse lentus aut citus, ut uos praeferatis.