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Our patient also had skin thickening, furrows and ridges in forehead of his face similar to leonine appearance.
The course, the first of its kind offered at the higher education level in Pakistan, titled 'Introduction to Sports Management' was offered as a Management elective to third and fourth year students at LUMS, and was taught by the Leonine Global Sports Chief Operating Officer, Shoaib Naveed.
(6) Entities such as Paget's and fibrous dysplasia can have similar leonine facies but tend to asymmetrically involve the maxilla and mandible.
Several authors have reported one being initially misdiagnosed for the other, infiltrative leonine facies being a finding common to the two diseases.
Ejemplo de este tipo de especies de parasitos son Toxascaris leonine y Toxocara spp.
A new Moon shines over your fellow fire sign of Aries, stirring that glorious Leonine sense of adventure and very likely opening the door to a freer chapter, possibly at work, maybe in your personal life.
Seven parties were in the running to claim stakes in the league including Haier, Omar Associates, ARY Group, Mobilink, Arif Habib Group, UAEs venture capital Leonine Global and Qatars oil company QALCO.
An intensive and educative training is required not only for paramedics but also for all registered medical practitioners so that they can easily identify and treat such cases and put the prowling lions (leonine facies) at rest.
With a sartorial style more Topanga Canyon than New York City, a leonine mane and a smile as wide as the Mississippi, Metheny comes across as a kind of flower child in a time warp.
[5%], 2 dog with Ancylostoma caninum [2.5%], 8 dogs with Toxocara canis [10%], 14 dogs with Toxascaris leonine [17.7%], 1 dog with Rictularia spp.
Basil, who had remained throughout the proceedings in a state of Napoleonic calm, which might be more accurately described as a state of Napoleonic stupidity, suddenly lifted his leonine head.
"The way my hair is, if I get out of the shower and put a beanie on or something, it just kind of lays,'' said Padalecki, whose leonine tresses are one of the show's trademarks.