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Regarding the initiative, Shoaib Naveed, COO Leonine Global Sports, and Instructor of the course said, 'The purpose of the course was to introduce Sports Business as a budding industry in Pakistan.
No association has yet been established, and the overlap of clinical features such as the leonine facies and hypohidrosis seen in our case should therefore alert the physician to investigate both diseases, in case the results for one or the other are inconclusive.
A pesar de las diferencias en la ecologia de los tres mesodepredadores, los tres resultaron positivos para Toxascaris leonine que se considera un parasito comun en carnivoros y que ha sido reportado anteriormente dentro de la Reserva (Munoz 2009).
51 million per year while Islamabad was bought by Leonine Global for $1.
22) The juxtaposition of Leonine imagery with Peter as healer was intended to uphold the conceit of the Medici pontiff as a contemporary Christus medicus.
4 100 Ancylostoma caninum -- -- -- -- Toxocara canis 2 25 4 50 Toxascaris leonine 2 14 4 29 Rictularia spp.
Basil, who had remained throughout the proceedings in a state of Napoleonic calm, which might be more accurately described as a state of Napoleonic stupidity, suddenly lifted his leonine head.
Donohoe's delivery of the solo part was formidable, crisply articulated, dynamics beautifully judged (though what state the piano was in at the end I can't imagine), and leonine at the crowning conclusion.
The way my hair is, if I get out of the shower and put a beanie on or something, it just kind of lays,'' said Padalecki, whose leonine tresses are one of the show's trademarks.
In 1963, Muhl embarked on his first "material action," Degradation of a Venus, featuring a live model, rubbish, paint, and sheets, and the artist as a leonine master of ceremonies.
That is because you are older, little one," answers Lewis' leonine stand-in for the divine.
RATING: 3/5 SNOOP LION: Reincarnated "SNOOP Lion is the elevation of Snoop Dogg - I could never become Snoop Lion if I wasn't Snoop Dogg," says Calvin Broadus, who has swapped his canine moniker for a leonine one.