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Both events are to raise money for the international Christian charity The Leprosy Mission.
In his Introduction to Leprosy and Empire: A Medical and Cultural History, Rod Edmond, Professor of Modern Literature and Cultural History at the University of Kent explains that he is not a "historian of medicine, but a literary-cumpostcolonial critic of strongly historicist bent.
We have identified a second species of leprosy mycobacterium and, in identifying this killing organism, we've better defined the disease that it causes, diffuse lepromatous leprosy;',' Han states.
Gavin Milroy was key to the establishment of British thought about leprosy in the nineteenth century.
Yohei Sasakawa, World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador for the Elimination of Leprosy, initiated the campaign dubbed Global Appeal 2007 that focuses on the social aspect of the disease.
Some conditions that could be described by Western medicine as disease may be seen by the CH as the body's attempt to therapeutically readjust its equilibrium (see discussion of leprosy below).
This leprosy "epidemic" and the attempts of Latin Christian society (Roman Catholic Europe) to deal with the health problems it created have attracted the attention of experts in the history of medicine and cultural historians.
Today, there are fewer than 408,000 cases worldwide of people suffering from leprosy (down from 763,000 in 2001), but we must not stand by idly; we must share in the suffering of lepers and their families, be sensitized to the problem, and support the missionaries who are working in this field.
A history of idiopathic peripheral neuropathy may reflect underlying leprosy, Michael Kalisiak, M.
A Supporters Meeting of the Leprosy Mission, with a buffet lunch, was held at Lepton Methodist Church on September 18.