less significant

References in classic literature ?
Featherstone eyed him again over his spectacles and presented him with a little sheaf of notes: Fred could see distinctly that there were but five, as the less significant edges gaped towards him.
Its reissue today is no less significant, using examples from a wide range of band to argue that one of punk's most lasting achievements was to expose how power operated in the British entertainment industry.
Wales did not carry the rest they just made a small but none the less significant contribution.
A change of status from less significant to significant can occur at any time.
He said they were "much less significant than those in Damascus a few months ago but very deadly", and had taken place in the northwest of the country, near the Lebanese border.
He has, however, stated that Al Qaeda is a far less significant threat than it was before.
It is thought the fuel was poured on the bonnets of the two patrol cars and set alight causing serious damage to one and less significant burns to the other.
The roles of Rodriguez and Litmanen may have been less significant but both were always worth the admission fee.
And surely, in order to improve the experience of visitors, some resources should have been devoted to restoring the Tourist Information Centre to better premises, since its present woefully inadequate space in the Cathedral tower would shame much less significant towns and cities than Coventry.
The fact it was against the club who dispensed with his services after a disappointing six-month reign was less significant, according to Hodgson.
But no less significant has been the mark made in the cultural world by his Walker Art Gallery Painting Prize, launched in 1957 and now firmly established as one of the most prestigious arts awards in the world.
AFS fears the nearly two-year-old research will be perceived as less significant if it is not finalized soon.