less than necessary

See: deficient
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Children were so taken with the gadgetry that in the first few days there were scores of less than necessary trips to the loo.
The ideal of such a scheme is surely that, in the good times, it becomes less than necessary, as especially small firms are able to fund their expansion plans directly.
If any aspect of the systems or support structure are not well managed, companies will either invest more than needed to keep the operations running or invest less than necessary leaving the business to deal with the problems manually.
But the Home Secretary can intervene "if the police and crime commissioner was preparing to set a budget that was less than necessary to maintain appropriate policing in the area", Mrs May said.
If an agency were tasked or a mechanism were established with the purpose of overseeing the expansion of high-containment laboratories, it could develop a strategic plan to (1) ensure that the number and capabilities of potentially dangerous high-containment laboratories are no greater or less than necessary, (2) balance the risks and benefits of expanding such laboratories, and (3) determine the type of oversight needed.
Face-to-face negotiation is extremely difficult and without an agent's advice and cool head, private sellers can feel uncomfortable, pressurised and cornered both when agreeing a price and when faced with re-negotiation after survey, which can easily lead to selling for thousands of pounds less than necessary.
Oh, there is stuff in the middle, the practice contact details and phone numbers plus a less than necessary explanation of what the various headings cover.
but much less than necessary to maintain our standard of living.
But less is required - in many cases 20 to 30 percent less than necessary in comparable flavor applications with other brands, he adds.
Short of cutting back on your training to a level less than necessary to meet your running goals, what should you do?
The amount of recoverable reserves; however, was deemed to be less than necessary to warrant a commercial completion and management decided to plug and abandon the well.