less valuable

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Damocles has seen the sword suspended by a hair over his head, and though a good man need not be made less valuable by such a knowledge, the feast shall not henceforth have the same flavour.
Krempe a great deal of sound sense and real information, combined, it is true, with a repulsive physiognomy and manners, but not on that account the less valuable. In M.
It should be observed that vague beliefs, so far from being necessarily false, have a better chance of truth than precise ones, though their truth is less valuable than that of precise beliefs, since they do not distinguish between occurrences which may differ in important ways.
Whatever less valuable fruits had been produced in this uneducated woman by her migratory habits, the great principle of female nature was too deeply rooted ever to be entirely eradicated.
Certain big, heavy vehicles, built on the model of the Podsnap plate, took away the heavy articles of guests weighing ever so much; and the less valuable articles got away after their various manners; and the Podsnap plate was put to bed.
A good deal more than a year ago, before anything was known of Lydgate's skill, the judgments on it had naturally been divided, depending on a sense of likelihood, situated perhaps in the pit of the stomach or in the pineal gland, and differing in its verdicts, but not the less valuable as a guide in the total deficit of evidence.
less valuable. Hence the Cape de Verd salt is constantly imported, and is mixed with that from these salinas.
I know nothing as to the fate of the less valuable animals.
"It does feel unfair that reaching the semi-final of last season's Champions League and winning the Dutch League and Cup is less valuable in terms of access for Champions League than finishing fourth in one of the top four leagues."
The Transportation Security Administration PreCheck program, which gives travelers access to expedited screening at special checkpoint lines, may become less valuable as its membership grows.
Inflation also encourages people to spend their money, because when there's inflation, a dollar gets a little less valuable every day.
Dutch company OrthoMetals collects metals and separates higher grade titanium and cobalt from less valuable types.