less valuable

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Damocles has seen the sword suspended by a hair over his head, and though a good man need not be made less valuable by such a knowledge, the feast shall not henceforth have the same flavour.
The weapon of the dead man was not to be found, and had doubtless, together with many other less valuable and lighter articles, that he was accustomed to carry about his person, become a prize to his destroyer.
By such arts they sometimes entered society on the other side before they did so at home; it was to be added at the same time that this resource was less and less valuable, for Europe, in the American world, had less and less prestige and people in the Western hemisphere now kept a watch on that roundabout road.
There are far too many internationals in modern cricket, and the game's bosses need to remember that the more of something there is, the less valuable it becomes.
25) would be a confident selection on better ground but it is interesting that connections have swerved Newton Abbot, where he was also entered at the five-day stage, for a crack at this less valuable - but perhaps less competitive - prize.
Bixby,'' a literary and historic gem, is any less valuable than the quadratic formula is misguided.
The sources said that the Israeli settler came from Ethiopia to Israel through Gaza sea, and that 'Israel' is making arrangements with his family to declare his mental disorder or mental illness to make him less valuable to the Palestinians which will make it easier to include him in any upcoming prisoners exchange deal.
Martin Baker, regional sales director for Close Brothers Invoice Finance in the West Midlands, said: "It may not come as a surprise to some that so many local employers think that a university education is becoming less valuable.
But Assad himself is less valuable to Iran than the much-coveted nuclear arms deal.
Rev Eggleston said: "Discrimination is a way of seeing others as less human, less valuable than ourselves.
We are no less valuable, we are no less capable, and we are no less American than any other citizen.
Bankers however differ in their opinion, as they fear that taking on business at record low interest rates would make the loans less valuable when normal conditions return to the market.