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We try to lessen the problem but we cannot say we won't have any cuts to electricity.
As long as people use the app for its intended purposes, this app and others like it, when released for commercial use, could help lessen energy consumption.
KARBALA / Aswat al-Iraq: The local administration in Karbala will purchase four generators of a combined capacity of 120 megawatt worth 20 billion Iraqi dinars in a bid to lessen power outages, according to a local official on Thursday.
economy created more private jobs than expected in July, though hiring has not been rapid enough to lessen the severe unemployment rate, payrolls firm ADP said Wednesday.
Cover your cut with a gel dressing made for ulcers and feel the tenderness lessen.
If the Constitutional Court makes such decision, the conflict between police and civilians will lessen, corruption will lessen, citizens will be included into the decision-making process at all levels of the government, assumed human rights groups.
Additionally, her intelligent talk does not detail plans to lessen the number of abortions by addressing reasons women choose such an option.
Trauma counseling specialist Janet Buell dispenses her professional expertise for readers of all backgrounds in Emotional First Aid Manual, a straightforward guide to basic techniques to prevent and lessen emotional suffering in others.
Here the conflict seems to lessen, in that this is also the nursing home's ultimate responsibility in its provision of care and services.
Material handling systems planners are said to be encouraged to design conveyors so that workers will perform multiple manual tasks, rather than single ones, in order to lessen the neuromuscular strain that often results from repetitive moves.
Extracts from soy and red clover failed to lessen hot flashes beyond the placebo effect, the scientists report in the May 3 Journal of the American Medical Association.
Whilst those who perpetrated this heinous crime have been brought to justice, it does not in any way lessen the pain and distress felt by the families and itis with that knowledge that the community can empathise completely with those Muslim families who find themselves in the same situation.