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This way, you can help lessen land and waterway pollution that result from improper waste management.
Comment: Pertussis vaccination, even if not totally protective, lessens the severity of pertussis.
She said every citizen should know how to act in case of emergencies and this awareness can lessen the loss of lives in emergencies.
A Spanish study has found that a medium to firm mattress lessens pain among people with chronic lower back pain.
[USA], August 05 ( ANI ): Challenging the widely accepted notion that the brain controls sleep, a study has found a protein in the muscle can lessen the effect of sleep loss in mice.
Why have more prosperous and well-heeled people, famous for charity and fund-raising dinners not come together to lessen the misery of the most poverty-stricken, under-privileged, and under-valued segment of society?
China is said to be planning to use equity swaps to lessen the debt burden of the nation's commercial banks.
It also lessens human breathing capacity in long term.
"I want to send a clear message out to our residents and staff that we are working hard to protect services and we are more than happy to make a contribution if it helps lessen the impact of the cuts ahead." On October 29, a cabinet meeting will consider draft budget proposals for next year.
BEIRUT: In response to the water crisis, Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb is urging officials to coordinate efforts and use all available resources to lessen the harmful effects on farmers and the agricultural industry in Lebanon.
Some people find applying cocoa butter, vitamin E or aloe vera works to lessen the appearance of scars.
"We have also introduced a new technology to determine the affected area to lessen waiting time and dismiss the prior attempt to dig the whole area to find the problem source," said Dr Mirza.