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During the early stages of PD when the patient still has a fair Level of the neurons, levodopa does a pretty good job of lessening the symptoms.
In a submission to the authority, the chain said' Somerfield considers that the CC has merely identified a potential lessening of competition and labelled it significant, presuming that adverse effects will follow.
A supplement of turmeric in the diet of a cancer sufferer makes possible the lessening of the dosage of Celecoxib, thus lessening the side effects of the drug.
This article provides best practices for optimizing the HSM environment, specifically in lessening high CPU usage and improving space management, as well as providing tips for proactively managing HSM.
Under stress, thought processes and breadth of attention narrow, lessening the scope of possible solutions.
I believe there are ways of lessening that pressure and lessening the intensity of the pressure.
Inquiry panel chairman Professor Paul Geroski said: ``We looked closely at ways of remedying the expected substantial lessening of competition on the central corridor of the Irish Sea but concluded that the only effective measure was to block the transfer.
Pakistan said Monday it has seen a lessening of tension with India during last few months as shown by reports that Indian soldiers have been allowed leaves and ''some de-alert of forces'' on border has started.
The lessening of this priority is due less to recycling methods and more to a grudging acknowledgement that the market does not want uniform-appearing computers.
What's not known is if lessening the persistent crying affects the later development of hyperactivity.
There were perceptions, however, that developers are being more cautious, that speculative building is lessening, and that persistent "talking down" of business activity or of the economy can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Women under age 70 were more likely than their male counterparts to have diabetes, congestive heart failure, or stroke, lessening their odds of surviving a heart attack.