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Ex-NPDC exec fined after pleading guilty to lesser crime
However, he denied murder, claiming he was suffering from diminished responsibility at the time and was only guilty instead of the lesser crime of culpable homicide.
Mr Ogoti said that, although the suspects are presumed innocent, economic crimes are well-designed and calculated schemes done for profit, unlike murder, which he said is a lesser crime.ECONOMIC OFFENCEEconomic offences are a class apart and need to be approached differently in the matter of bail, said Mr Ogoti.
"The Palestinian Authority hasfinally closed disturbing colonial-era and other loopholes that could allowrapists to escape punishment if they married their victims, and to treatmurders of women as a lesser crime than murders of men," said Rothna Begum,Middle East women's rights researcher at HRW.
Summary: Violence against women is still treated as a lesser crime and given lower priority
She was later charged with the lesser crime of attempted second-degree manslaughter.
But chanting "Murderers" is apparently a lesser crime.
But then, after laying out why Pistorius, 27, might instead be guilty of a lesser crime, culpable homicide, the judge abruptly stopped in the middle of her explanation and suspended court without declaring a verdict on that charge.
As we all know, justice in this country is becoming a lottery where you can end up in prison for a lesser crime and spend years in jail but take someone's life and the sentence never fits the crime.
Hughes brought in video technology unavailable to local stewards when he made his case to the appeal board of the Royal Western India Turf Club and they accepted that he was not guilty of foul riding, but the lesser crime of improper riding.