lesser group

See: minority
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The former SFA chief executive believes the job O'Neill has done with a lesser group of players for Northern Ireland makes him an ideal candidate for the Scotland hotseat.
That won't, though, make us a lesser group or a lesser team going forward.
Including Pakistan every country should have this moral courage and responsibility to respect the lesser group and not to adopt
Those who do not love the country are now a lesser group.
And while their diverse distances suggest they might not attract the same pool of runners, it is nonsensical to stage the Rockfel Stakes, a lesser Group 2 prize over seven furlongs, two weeks later.
Yet sometimes the sheer willpower, organisation and no little talent of a lesser group of players can prevail.
9 percentage points, with the larger group more than double the lesser group.
If it was a lesser group you would say we want to go to the quarter-finals.
A lesser group of young men - and I've talked all year about our character - could have tossed it in and felt sorry for themselves, but these guys stepped up.
Small, meaning that initially it will impact a lesser group of people who understand the project risks and are willing to take it on.
He was behind enough of the group's most beautiful songs - Something, Here Comes The Sun and While My Guitar Gently Weeps - for him to be considered a musical genius in any lesser group.