lesser part

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Do not put all your goods in hallow ships; leave the greater part behind, and put the lesser part on board; for it is a bad business to meet with disaster among the waves of the sea, as it is bad if you put too great a load on your waggon and break the axle, and your goods are spoiled.
But not to crowd this part with an account of the lesser part of the rogueries with which they plagued them continually, night and day, it forced the two men to such a desperation that they resolved to fight them all three, the first time they had a fair opportunity.
Also, it may acquire or originate senior mortgage loans, subordinate loans or real estate loans secured by interests in multifamily properties, membership or partnership interests in multifamily properties and other multifamily related assets and invest a lesser part of its assets in other real estate related investments.
Walker, who was described as a "gullible" and "immature" man, was said in court to have played a lesser part in the ring.
Aziz was given a minimum term of 15 years for his lesser part.
Since there was a lesser part of him in those scenes so we purposely used to take SRK in the ground so that we could capture the cheering of people during the match," concluded the director.
It increasingly seemed that the demonstration itself had become the lesser part of the operation.
The planning application reads: "The intention is to use in-situ clays in part to create a suitable engineering site and in lesser part to supply impending construction projects in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan with fill material.
Clouds Of Sils Maria Cert 15 JULIETTE Binoche portrays an actress coming to terms with being offered a lesser part in the play that brought her fame.
Pacquiao, whose concessions have included taking the lesser part of a 60-40 purse split, thinks it's worth it.
Mukhtar Ahmed said that there was a very lesser part of training and research in education of the country while founder of Hamdard University, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said highly insisted on training and research.
In the end the cost of machinery is a lesser part of the overall cost of purchasing a machine particularly when future costs of power and fuel are likely to rise.