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One who rents real property or Personal Property to another.

A lessor of land is a landlord.


Landlord and Tenant.


n. the owner of real property who rents it to a lessee pursuant to a written lease. Thus, he/she/it is the landlord and the lessee is the tenant. (See: lease, lessee, landlord, tenant, landlord and tenant)


noun business owner, landlord, owner, propprty owner
See also: landlord, obligee, transferor


a person who grants a LEASE of property.

LESSOR. contr. He who grants a lease. Civ. Code of L. art. 2647.

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The Export-Import Bank of the US's (Ex-Im) cessation of new lending activities does not have an immediate impact on aircraft leasing companies given the broad market access they currently enjoy; however, a permanent loss of Ex-Im would eliminate a contingent funding source for these lessors.
Our Capital Sourcing team will then interview the lessor and review their profile.
The Boards need to give careful further consideration to the proposals for both lessees and lessors and provide more time for field-testing and for constituents to comment on them.
From an accounting perspective a finance lease will often appear in the lessor's accounts as a loan owed by the lessee to the lessor, and in the lessee's accounts as an asset and debt due to the lessor for the rental and other payments due.
The lessor is a registrant in the business of leasing vehicles.
Acquisition or bank fee--similar to bank points in a mortgage, this fee is paid up front to lessor.
SECURITY DEPOSITS: It's fairly common for a lease to require you to pay the lessor a security deposit.
There are several times during the course of a lease where your relationship with the lessor can save time and money by minimizing potential disagreements.
Since the lessee of an operating lease can have the option to cancel the lease prematurely, the operating leases are not guaranteed by a third party like bank, or any other institution or individual, because it denies the right of lessor to terminate the lease agreement before maturity.
While both the lessor and lessee are certainly aware that in reality there is n such thing as "free rent," a rent holiday can often be a mutually advantageous arrangement.
A lessor may increase sales by offering a lease-purchase option.