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To award a contract, such as for the erection of public works, to one of several bidders.

To lease certain property.


Public Contract.


v. 1) to allow or permit. This is distinguished from "against one's will." The word can be very important legally as, in the statement "Lucy let Johnny have sexual relations with her" can make a huge difference in a claim of rape. 2) to lease or rent real property, particularly a room or apartment, to another person. (See: lease, rent)


(Lease), verb allow the use of, charter, contract, convey, demise, grant, grant the occupancy of, hire, hire out, lend, loan, make available, rent, rent out


(Permit), verb affranchise, allow, approve, assent, authorize, certify, commission, concede, concedere, empower, enable, endorse, enfranchise, entitle, favor, franchise, give leave, give permission, grant, have no objection, indulge, liberate, license, make possible, oblige, pati, privilege, release, sanction, sinere, suffer, support, tolerate, vouchsafe, warrant, yield
See also: attorn, bestow, concede, enable, engage, grant, hire, lease, permit, rent, suffer, vouchsafe

LET. Hindrance, obstacle, obstruction; as, without let, molestation or hindrance.

TO LET. To hire, to lease; to grant the use and possession of something for a compensation.
     2. This term is applied to real estate and the words to hire are more commonly used when speaking of personal estate. See Hire, Hirer, and Letter.
     3. Letting is very similar to selling; the difference consists, in this; that instead of selling the thing itself, the letter sells only the use of it.

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Let's say that a company pays a dividend of 10 cents a share, and you own 100 shares.
As an illustration, let's say Joan Brown, the owner of a manufacturing facility, had a cost segregation study performed in 2000 that reclassified $1 million of real property as section 1245 property.
Let's say they are allowed to compete also in rugby league, hockey, the grand prix circuit and the cricket county championships.
But somehow it seems a little more embarrassing for a priest who, let's say, absolves someone of their "fish" (pescados) instead of their "sins" (pecados).
Let's say the group had a motto declaring: "For the Race, Everything; Outside the Race, Nothing.
Let's say goodbye to the money men and go back to fans.
LET'S say you're a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, one who's never voted for a Democrat in 15 or more years.
LET'S SAY you're an executive at the cable network TNT, which, after axing two full seasons of produced dramas - Wall Street series ``Bull'' never aired anywhere; ``Breaking News'' eventually bombed on Bravo - and canceling its nominal hit ``Witchblade,'' could use a high-profile program to lure viewers.
For example, let's say you want to find that perfect pair of slippers for Mom - simply enter "slippers" in the search field, and hit "search.
LET'S SAY you're trying to pitch a sitcom to a network these days, and you approach a network executive with this: Chubby, toilet-selling dad and babe mom have three kids; very mild mayhem ensues.
Let's say that Bob in accounting had to send Jane the latest financial stats.
Here's an example of giving the user control: Let's say you're writing a tutorial on how to drive a car.