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And given that, nationally, the unemployed may be compelled to work for such employers (both private sector and third sector) for nothing, with the state losing the consumption power afforded by salary, let alone tax and national insurance, what is the precise problem with any employer being complicit in deceit and perpetrating recruitment practices which are tantamount to tax evasion?
It's now beyond a joke and it's unfair to castigate players who give of their best but are not - and never will be - able to compete in the dire Celtic league, let alone at a higher level.
That was his fifth in the last four games, which is a great strike rate for a centre forward let alone a central defender.
And when it comes to the sexuality of Jesus or the current debates about homosexuality in the church and society, don't expect to read one point of view, let alone imagine that the editorial board, let alone the editor, agrees with everything here printed.
You can decide for yourself whether such a man deserved to be marked for life, let alone murdered.
As an individualistic and unique style of writing, debates and ordinances involving prose have determined an indefinite place for the writing style in essence of college level teachings, let alone recognition.
I wouldn't like to think of anyone, let alone close family, having to live with that sort of risk, let alone condone it in a national newspaper.
Written in the form of journal entries, Dracula is a tough read for an adult, let alone a child.
I believe that no real Christian who tried to follow Jesus' teaching could sue anyone for anything, let alone material possessions.
After all, sculpture had not been made in Germany by women (no Hepworth, let alone a Hesse, to draw upon).
Everett's maiden voyage as the icily brilliant crime solver, confirmed bachelor (ahem), and drug user doesn't hold a candle to the performances of his big-screen predecessor, Basil Rathbone, let alone Jeremy Brett on TV, But he'll do nicely until someone much better comes along.
Most are without attended lobbies or even passenger elevators, let alone receptionist service.