let drop

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Instead of the carefully crafted statements that say as little as possible, Mr Jones is ready to casually let drop revelations that previously would have been reserved for a formal moment.
On Sunday, the mood took Newcastle and now they've set a standard they can't afford to let drop.
It should be an interesting list since she let drop a couple of those names over a pint in the Incontinent Corgi round the corner from the Palace.
He said: "I think with this result and the one against South Africa, we've shown again that desire and belief that we just never let drop.
But recently he let drop the observation that the situation in Iran "has never been this dark.
But Baumgartner doubled with two out in the eighth off reliever Tyler Davis - a ball two Huskies had a bead on but let drop due to a miscommunication - and Healy drove Baumgartner home with a game-tying single.
The Palestinians should not let drop any opportunity created by a revitalised Obama and a more interested State Department.
Spotting a fine run by Gunnarsson, Whittingham produced an inch-perfect ball which the Icelander let drop before half-volleying into the far corner past Dutch international Krul.