let drop

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Virginia met socially several of the men with whom her father was engaged but it was only at the last moment that one of them let drop a hint of the purpose of the month's activity.
So I must own that, without much repining, on the contrary with something akin to gratitude, Amelia took the crumbs that her father- in-law let drop now and then, and with them fed her own parent.
We made trial as before, each of the same three going forward before I did; but the reed was delivered to none but me, and on my approach it was let drop.
That's about all," she let drop in her casual, decided way.
Such conversation paused suddenly, like an organ when the bellows are let drop, if Mary Garth came into the room; and all eyes were turned on her as a possible legatee, or one who might get access to iron chests.
I'm sure I can't quite say, ma'am, but I've a belief likely that it was something you may have let drop to young Iggulden when you was at Rocketts.