let fly

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City manager Pep Guardiola admitted he too was among those who didn't want Kompany to let fly from distance.
He let fly. The ball darted across goal, and went out on the far side of the field for a throw-in.
Soon afterwards, Addison let fly with a shot which was swinging towards the bottom corner, but Towart was again equal to it.
He crossed for Ki to let fly with a fierce first-time shot from just outside the area.
1 : to let fly or cause to be driven forward with force <He shot an arrow into the air.>
The Bluebirds' manager let fly in the away dressing room after the 1-0 defeat and virtually every word could be heard in the media suite next door.
And when his team mates failed to create any movement in the box, he let fly into the top right hand corner..
As he moved in behind her, I drew back and let fly. After 23 years of hunting, my long awaited trophy was found within 70 yards.
He took the snap, the players started running crazily around, and Doug, calmly (as we recall) circled back a little, buying time and waiting for a receiver to get open, let fly. The football made its way downfield, a 48-yard jump ball in the end zone that some-how landed in the arms of Phelan, giving B.C.
The Manchester United captain let fly with a verbal attack every bit as passionate as his wild celebrations at Rio Ferdinand's late winner against Liverpool at Old Trafford last month which have landed him with a pounds 5,000 fine and a warning about future conduct.
Despite operating under the cloud of receivership, it's business as usual as the snowguns let fly at Searchmont Resort in December.
From an on-line Reuters article datelined London, England, on a parrot named Percy, who was sacked from the cast of a children's play for forgetting his lines and swearing on stage: "The seventeen-month-old parrot stunned the cast of `Pirates on Treasure Island' at Blandon Forum in Western England when he forgot his lines and let fly a string of expletives.