let go

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Defer it to the end of the season if you must, and give the man a send-off he deserves, but it's time to let go, Arsene.
Do you have it in you to let go or actually do you have it in you to give someone the time to let go?
You have to learn to let go of those bad feelings and move forward," she wrote in the open letter for Huffington Post.
Starting the new year, as parents, allow your child to learn and let go of his past mistakes but also remember to work on yourself by letting go of your child's mistakes.
With this new perspective, it occurred to me that the reason we can't make ourselves let go is that it is not a process in and of itself, it is the result of earlier actions.
The victim's niece pushed him with both hands, he would not let go of the bags, and she bit him on the arm.
It only seemed like yesterday that you left our home and went on your way Be strong my son and face your fears and you'll be ready for the joys the laughs and the tears And alas the time has come and I can't let go of your hand my beautiful son Geraldine Costello, via email
All the monkey has to do is let go and he's free, but in my case I can't let go--if I don't get the gun out, I'm in deep trouble.
IN A CULTURE THAT'S ALL ABOUT striving, attaining, and acquiring, one of life's greatest challenges is knowing when and how to let go.
When God gave him the choice to put his hand into the great candy jar of worldly pleasures and possessions ("Ask something of me and I will give it to you," 1 Kings 3:5), Solomon let go of all else in order to be blessed by God with the gift of wisdom.
I think I startled these retreat participants when I suggested the obvious: Let go of the forced happiness of Easter, and help your people to acknowledge the losses and sorrowing of the Easter event as they try to square their faith with their own losses and sorrows.
But there are reports that smaller departmental-level layoffs are continuing, to the tune of perhaps 100-200 people let go since January.