let go

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So then, let go gladly, peacefully even, but never, ever let go of the dream.
My new catchphrase is, "Let go of your need to let go, pay attention to what is happening now, and life will move on, you cannot stop it." Not as pithy as "Hang in there, baby," but much more useful.
She tripped and fell over some of this clutter recently, but my client hasn't been able to persuade her to let go of it.
What am I willing to let go of in this great candy jar of life in order to respond fully to Jesus' call to discipleship?
Louis employees who took early retirement, 1400 employees and 450 contractors were let go during the Christmas massacre.
For each case, clearly assess why you need to let go.
A thought then came intomy head telling me to just let go and to stop struggling.
On the first single, the mid-tempo "Let Go," Hathaway frees herself.
You have officially become a "chick magnet." When following, you must relax, be receptive, refine your reflexes, trust, and learn to let go a little more.
STRATEGIST LET GO: After angering Canada's ambassador to the United States and drawing fire from the NAACP over his work on what many saw as a racist television commercial for the Republican candidate in Tennessee's Senate race, a chief architect behind the creation of a new image for Wal-Mart has been fired by the company.
Over the past few years, just off the top of my head, I can think of Anna-Marie Holmes from Boston Ballet, Ben Stevenson from Houston Ballet, Martin Fredmann from Colorado Ballet, Alison Chase from Pilobolus, all of whom have, euphemistically, been "let go." In the case of Eldar Aliev of Ballet Internationale in Indianapolis--well, his entire company was let go and disbanded.
One of the questions of today's Gospel text is this: How does the weeping of four poor campesinos, who cannot even buy medicine for their children when they are sick, connect to the weeping of the rich man in the story who can't let go of his possessions?