let go

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Just Let Go" is a cinematic tale depicting how a person can forgive despite the retaliatory tendencies that surface within the dark corners of the human heart; and strives to show the world that hope, love and forgiveness can overcome all when you just let go.
Four years into cancer recovery, I found that I was still trying to figure out how to let go of the notion of being a cancer patient.
The victim's niece pushed him with both hands, he would not let go of the bags, and she bit him on the arm.
It only seemed like yesterday that you left our home and went on your way Be strong my son and face your fears and you'll be ready for the joys the laughs and the tears And alas the time has come and I can't let go of your hand my beautiful son Geraldine Costello, via email
Let go of your possessions, challenged Jesus; give them to the poor and Come follow me, unencumbered and free.
Jesus' Ascension teaches me that I too must let go what I cling to, in order to receive something greater.
Louis employees who took early retirement, 1400 employees and 450 contractors were let go during the Christmas massacre.
If so, I think that you should let go of whatever this is and give up the struggle as it will weaken you to continue in this way.
Let go of your possessions, your lifestyle of More that is making you ill.
But the 19-year-old victim was forced to let go when robber Darrell Drayton dug his nails into his hand and punched him repeatedly to the face.
The only reason I feel I was let go was due to the fact I came out [at work].