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Though she couldn't recollect his name at the first instant she was quick to let know how much impact Nour's qualification for the 2016 Rio Games could make.
She advised all the diplomats to let know their whereabouts so that such incidents do not happen again.
"We therefore called upon the president and the government to let know family the cause of arrest and release him for the sake of peace of minds in the family because
Forde, who recently released her debut single BPM, added that she is just focusing on her career at the present, and would let know when she's dating someone.
Some US congressmen let know that she'd better leave the race.
Let my heartfelt thanks go to those who voted for me overwhelmingly in the past election, and made me the lead candidate, and also to the voters of the Jaffna district and all those Jaffna voters who lives outside Jaffna, and despite experiencing difficulties have come and voted for me and I let know my heartfelt thanks which goes to them.