let lapse

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"The 30-40 seconds I let lapse between parking and finding my $8.00 was clearly my fault...
"Prior to the CPLC merger, I really hadn't known much about the CDFI Fund or the Federation, but after the merger we came to know the Federation and the Federation helped us renew the CDFI certification, which CPLC had let lapse simply because they lacked the personnel to be able to handle that," she said.
Now that the Oregon Government Ethics Commission has let lapse a complaint against former Lane County Commissioner Rob Handy, public officials across the state may be uncertain about the rules governing the solicitation and acceptance of gifts.
The senior was very upset that he just heard about life settlements and complained he had a large insurance policy he let lapse recently.
Kayral had announced last month that he would let lapse every ban in his jurisdiction, a decision that cleared 453 books and 645 periodicals in that area alone.
PERTH: Woodside Petroleum and Taiwan's CPC Corp have let lapse a provisional agreement for supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to CPC from the Browse plant in Western Australia, in a move that CPC said was prompted by the project's unclear production timeframe.
It has also refocused on certain businesses that it let lapse, such as Judaica and bridal giftware, both of which are "selling very well," Gribetz said.
Instead, she said, when a client has a policy he wants to surrender or let lapse, "that's the time for an agent or broker to step in" and offer to have the policy appraised.
To this end Coventry Airport has previously had on three occasions, outline planning permission for new terminal building and adjacent car park, but these permissions were let lapse by the previous operators of the airport.
In a concluding chapter, the editor wisely points out that the crucial challenge that lies ahead will be for Congress to decide which of the promising technologies merit further funding and support and which to let lapse.
Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of Offense, has let lapse the charter of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services.
NatWest Stockbrokers, for example, has advised retail investors to sell or let lapse the rights to the cut-price extra shares - even though they are likely to outperform the market in the short term.