let off

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One other driver was let off with a warning for failing to change an address on a driving licence.
Nantes fans let off flares in tribute to Emiliano Sala
It is also illegal to let off or throw fireworks (including sparklers) in the street or other public places.
Dortmund, who won the round of 32 tie 4-3 on aggregate, were fined e1/440,000 after their fans also let off fireworks and thre missiles.
BEIRUT: A passenger busted for smuggling over 100 new iPhones into Beirut was let off the hook after "some money was paid," a high-ranking airport source told The Daily Star Tuesday.
The child, they said "caused problems...and was therefore let off the bus." They also said the driver and chaperone came back some time later and took the boy home.
The arrested villagers were taken to a local police station where each had to pay a fine a penalty of Rs500 before being let off.
But here you let off Army officers who sell their guns illegally.
CAMP fire party groups who let off fireworks are threatening wildlife along the Welsh coast, Natural Resources Wales has warned.
Labour's shadow energy minister Lisa Nandy said: "Companies are still being let off the hook."
THE days of being let off when caught driving just over the speed limit could be over as police crack down on the crime.